Languages: English, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese
Genre: Mashup, V-Pop, C-Pop, Mandopop
Released: March 5, 2010

Watch Every Music Video from “C-reBootie” on Youtube at ThisIsDjYigytugd! 

Tracklisting (click the song to download) (if any link is broken, please download the full album to get the track)
01 Burn One More Song (Jay Chou vs. Usher) (Watch MV)
02 Agent BJ (Jolin Tsai vs. Britney Spears) (Watch MV)
03 Nobody Like You (Chinese Version)(Wonder Girls vs. T.I.)
04 Bounce In The Ayer (Edison Chen vs. Flo Rida) (Watch MV)
05 Summer Love (Jay Chou vs. Justin Timberlake)
06 Do You Want My Love (G Sweet Remix)
07 Bravo Lover (Areia Trance Remix) (Watch MV)
08 Rock It (G Sweet Remix)
09 DNA (G Sweet Remix)
10 Atlantis Princess (Chinese Version)(Yigytugd Just Fiction Remix) (Watch MV)
11 Mirotic (Chinese Version)(Yigytugd Masa Pulse Club Remix) (Watch MV)
12 A Song’s Burn (Jay Chou vs. Usher) (Watch MV)

Download (Individual Tracks & Full Album): ShareBeast


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