DJ Yigytugd 2011 Thanks & Review

The year is over but I want to look back on 2011. I’ve been DJing for 2 years but 2011 was the year that I evolved into the DJ I’ve always wanted to be. In my eyes, I know I still have a long way to go but I can’t wait to move even further and become a better DJ.

This year I released “K-Clubbing” and “K-Pop The Universe“! Even though I released albums before these, I feel that these 2 albums are my first. The others are test but these two albums were the gateway to me becoming a better DJ. “K-Clubbing” achieved 1,000+ album downloads while “K-Pop The Universe” managed 900+ album downloads. I am extremely thankful to all those that downloaded these 2 albums and shared it with others! Thank you!

Apart from my albums, my music videos, views, and subscribers have seen a great spike this year. I know this year was confusing with my multiple Youtube accounts. Youtube has been having a battle with us DJ’s and our music. I’ve had my accounts deleted, videos removed, and multiple warnings from Youtube. My main account (ThisIsDjYigytugd) was even deleted earlier this year for 2 months due to “copyright claims”. Even with the deletion and confusion, you all still found my songs and followed the “chaos”. Thank you for being patient!

I now have 3, 400+ subscribers, 1,100,000+ video views, and a viewing audience from around the world. Majority of fans are from the United States, Japan, Thailand, Viewnam, and South Korea. Most views are from females (73.2%, males = 26.8%). The top 3 videos of the year are “Take Care (2NE1 vs. Rihanna)” (w/ 156k+ views), “He Kiss, She Kiss (2NE1 vs. Ashley Tisdale)” (w/ 138k+ views), and “Break This K-POP 2010” (w/ 69k+ views). Those 3 videos are also the most liked, favorited, commented, and shared videos of the year.  Thank you all for liking, favoriting, commenting, and sharing all my videos this year!

This year I collaborated with glitertesuper. This girl is amazing with video editing! She has been my personal VJ for the majority of my music videos this year. You guys have commented on my videos saying how much the music vidoes are just as great as the song but all that thanks for the video should go to her. Thank you glitertesuper for your skills and I can’t wait to work with you in the future!

Another contribution to my mashups goes to LisaLina! She made all the album covers for “K-Pop The Universe” and “Moves Like K-POP 2011“. She is a wonder with album covers! I can’t wait to continue working with her and seeing the other album covers she will make! Thank you!

I DJ’ed for my second year at MomoCon 2011. I DJ’ed at MomoCon 2010 but only held a panel. About 20+ people came to that panel. I explained what I did, the impact of K-Pop in America, and showed a few videos. It was only a panel so I didn’t expect much. For 2011, I wanted to make an impact at the con. I decided to go with a K-Pop Remixes Party instead. I wasn’t expecting a great turnout but I was surely surprised when the room where my event was hosted in had over 200+ people waiting to hear my mashups. The event was amazing for me! This was the first time I had this much fans come up to me at once asking me about my life and my mashups. People came up to me screaming saying “OMG your DJ Yigytugd, I love your mashups”. What was even more surprising was when the next music video would play and the audience would scream and start singing perfectly to the mashup. They knew every lyric to each mashup. My favorite moment was when “LolliGurls (Big Bang & 2NE1 vs. Katy Perry)” MV came on. The audience exploded more than they did for any other song. Thank you to all that attended the event and made this the best moment of the year for me. I managed to get videos of the event. Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Last week (December 24, 2011) I released my 2011 year end mashup “Moves Like K-POP 2011“. I started making this mashup in November 2011. I wasn’t aiming to make a megamashup. I didn’t think I had the skill yet to attempt another one (“Land Of The Rising K-Pop 2009” being my first). After a week of messing around, I knew that I was on the verge of making a megamashup that majority of people would like. I worked hours every day trying to make everything fit. I consulted a few dedicated fans, glitertesuper, and my friends for days to make sure that this mashup was worth releasing and finishing. Thanks to all that helped with the pre-release and making of the song. You opinions truly helped with this song!

Moves Like K-POP 2011” has been a huge hit so far! It’s only been a week but this mashup is making great strides for me. It has 22,000+ views, 650+ likes, 350+ favorites, 100+ comments, and 100+ shares. The song has been downloaded over 800 times too. None of my other mashups have received this much love in only a week. This truly amazes me! I thank all that helped with promotions and all that viewed the video!

Lastly, I would like to thank all my fans! You all are great! I would not be here if it wasn’t for you all. Thank you! Of course, Thank you God! Love you all!

One comment on “DJ Yigytugd 2011 Thanks & Review

  1. I discover you on Youtube by searching for Kpop music. I’d like to say : I love your music. I believe that if you go on, your music will be awesome. I can’t wait for the next mashup and remix. 🙂

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