DJ Yigytugd – Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)

DJ Yigytugd – Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)
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01 Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)
02 Let This Breakeven (English Version)(Brian Joo vs. The Script)
03 Let This Breakeven (Instrumental)

Brian Joo, another great solo K-Pop singer that needs more love in my opinion. His latest song “Let This Die” just came out earlier this year and it is amazing! Both the Korean and English versions of the songs are great with an equally great rap segment from Tiger JK and Flowsik (from Aziatix) (respectively). Hope you all enjoy both versions of this song! Tweet this to Brian Joo too! Hopefully he’ll see that someone has remixed / mashed some of his song, especially from a fellow fan!!/Brianjoomuzik

Also the end of the MV has a preview to the English Version. The full version of the English Version is on the single including the Instrumental. Special thanks to LosaLina for making the single cover for this song! She did an amazing job yet again! Another special thanks to glitertesuper ( for another amazingly done MV. She didn’t have much to work with but she did a wonderful job as always!

“Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)” Music Video