Event: DJ Yigytugd at K-Pop and Hip Hop in Atlanta, Georgia

Come party Thursday, April 26th at The QUAD to your favorite Korean, Japanese, and Chinese artist and songs mixed with American music! Remixes and mashups are going down all night starting from 10PM. Get in FREE before 11PM if you like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/kpopandhiphop)

Admission: $10
Age: 18 years and up
Time: Starts at 10PM, Ends at 3AM
Location: 789 Spring ST NW, Atlanta, GA, 30308 (http://www.quadatlanta.com/)


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DJ Yigytugd – Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)

DJ Yigytugd – Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)
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01 Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)
02 Replay Tonight (Japanese Version)(SHINee vs. Sean Paul)
03 Replay Tonight (Instrumental)

Yes, the single all of you have been waiting for! Not sure if you all remember but I released a few teasers at the beginning of the year and this is one of the most highly anticipated tracks. I love that I changed this track into a more reggae style song. I’m trying to branch out and make more mashup styles. This being one of them! I hope you all enjoy both the Korean and Japanese versions of this mashup!

“Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)” Music Video