DJ Yigytugd – Knockout Jello (GD&TOP vs. Far East Movement)
DJ Yigytugd – Knockout Jello (GD&TOP vs. Far East Movement)
Download (Single): Mediafire (Coming Soon)
GD&TOP!!! Yep, I’m releasing a new mini album (or full album) that will feature remixes / mashup of all of GD&TOP songs from their first album and hopefully some more if they release more songs. So far I have mixes for Knockout, HIGH HIGH, Of All Days (LOVE THIS MASHUP AND SONG), and more! Hope you all enjoy this mashup!
Mixed with:
GD&TOP – Knockout
Far East Movement – Jello
“Knockout Jello (GD&TOP vs. Far East Movement)” Music Video

DJ Yigytugd – Slacker’s Cry (Park Bom vs. Mike Shiver)
DJ Yigytugd – Slacker’s Cry (Park Bom vs. Mike Shiver)
Download (Single): Mediafire
Download (2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2) FULL ALBUM): Mediafire
Park Bom, oh I love thee… AND MINZY! But Minzy only has one solo song that was taken over by C.L. Anywho… I love Park Bom and wish she released more solo songs. My favorite song from her is “Forever With You” w/ Big Bang. That song is what got me into K-Pop and Big Bang AND PARK BOM! So I hope you all enjoy this mashup of Park Bom’s “Don’t Cry”. Really enjoyed changing the song into a trance / techno song and hope you all enjoy it!
Mixed with:
Park Bom – Don’t Cry
Mike Shiver vs Matias Lehtola – Slacker
“Slacker’s Cry (Park Bom vs. Mike Shiver)” Music Video