DJ Yigytugd – 2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)

2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)

Artist: 2NE1, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, 4Minute, Nicki Minaj and Mike Shiver; With Remixes and Mashups by DJ Yigytugd, Areia, DJ Huygens, DXSturt, KZM, Drokas, DJ Amaya, Epitone, DOLCE & Bond and Dave Tauler Music Group
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese
Genre: K-Pop, Mashup, Remix
Released: July 20, 2012

“2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)” features remixes and mashups for all of 2NE1’s songs from their “To Anyone” album to before their “I Love You” single. “2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)” is a collaboration album produced by DJ Yigytugd featuring remixes and mashups from Areia, DJ Huygens, DXSturt, KZM, Drokas, DJ Amaya, Epitone, DOLCE & Bond and Dave Tauler Music Group. Thanks to glitertesuper for making my music videos, J-Beom for making the album cover and all those that promoted the album. THANK YOU! Be sure to spread the word! Hopefully 2NE1 themselves can see the album and know they they have fans from all over the world that love their music!

01 The Best Are Here (2NE1 vs. Rihanna) – by DJ Yigytugd (Watch MV)
02 Can’t Nobody (Areia Club Remix) – by Areia (Watch MV)
03 Clap Your Hands (DJ Huygens Remix) – by DJ Huygens
04 You Animal (2NE1 vs. Ellie Goulding) – by DJ Yigytugd (Watch MV Coming August 3, 2012)
05 Go Away (DXSturt Remix) – by DXSturt (Watch MV)
06 We’re Busy (2NE1 vs. 4Minute) – by DJ Yigytugd
07 Ugly (Areia Reggaestep Remix) – by Areia (Watch MV)
08 Don’t Stop The Music (KZM Remix) – by KZM (Listen to Song)
09 I Love To Fly (2NE1 vs. Nicki Minaj) – by Drokas (Watch MV)
10 Lonely (Areia Trance Remix) – by Areia (Watch MV)
11 It Hurts (DJ Amaya’s Angel at Dawn Remix) – by DJ Amaya
12 Slackers Cry (Park Bom vs. Mike Shiver) – by DJ Yigytugd (Watch MV Coming August 10, 2012)
13 Can’t Nobody (Epitone English Remix) – by Epitone (Watch MV)
14 Scream (DOLCE & Bond Remix) – by DOLCE & Bond (Listen to Song)
15 Be Mine (Alternate Short Version) – by DJ Yigytugd
16 Lonely (DTMG Live Neo-Soul Cover Remix) – by Dave Tauler Music Group (Watch MV)

Note: “Like A Virgin” is not on this album. It will be on another album instead.

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This mashup / remix uses samples of copyrighted material (mainly Copyrighted by YG Entertainment Inc.) and they’re used for promotional purposes only. Not for sale in any way, shape, or form. Please support every artist in this megamix and buy their albums, singles, mini albums, etc. They work hard to produce these great songs, support towards them would be greatly appreciated.

DJ Yigytugd – Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)

DJ Yigytugd – Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)
Download (Single): Mediafire
Single Cover by Losalini: View Full Image

01 Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)
02 Replay Tonight (Japanese Version)(SHINee vs. Sean Paul)
03 Replay Tonight (Instrumental)

Yes, the single all of you have been waiting for! Not sure if you all remember but I released a few teasers at the beginning of the year and this is one of the most highly anticipated tracks. I love that I changed this track into a more reggae style song. I’m trying to branch out and make more mashup styles. This being one of them! I hope you all enjoy both the Korean and Japanese versions of this mashup!

“Replay Tonight (SHINee vs. Sean Paul)” Music Video

DJ Yigytugd – Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)

DJ Yigytugd – Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)
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Single Cover by Losalini: View Full Image

01 Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)
02 Let This Breakeven (English Version)(Brian Joo vs. The Script)
03 Let This Breakeven (Instrumental)

Brian Joo, another great solo K-Pop singer that needs more love in my opinion. His latest song “Let This Die” just came out earlier this year and it is amazing! Both the Korean and English versions of the songs are great with an equally great rap segment from Tiger JK and Flowsik (from Aziatix) (respectively). Hope you all enjoy both versions of this song! Tweet this to Brian Joo too! Hopefully he’ll see that someone has remixed / mashed some of his song, especially from a fellow fan!!/Brianjoomuzik

Also the end of the MV has a preview to the English Version. The full version of the English Version is on the single including the Instrumental. Special thanks to LosaLina for making the single cover for this song! She did an amazing job yet again! Another special thanks to glitertesuper ( for another amazingly done MV. She didn’t have much to work with but she did a wonderful job as always!

“Let This Breakeven (Brian Joo vs. The Script)” Music Video

DJ Yigytugd – The DJ Is U (Dal★Shabet vs. Wonder Girls)

DJ Yigytugd – The DJ Is U (Dal★Shabet vs. Wonder Girls)
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Single Cover by Losalini: View Full Image

01 The DJ Is U (Dal★Shabet vs. Wonder Girls)
02 The DJ Is U (Instrumental)

First MV of the year! Thank you all for the support from “Moves Like K-POP 2011” and making that song a hit in its own right. I’m striving to go above and beyond traditional mashups. Just know that this year will be above the rest just like last year was. This song marks the start of releasing singles for my mashups. I will continue to release Instrumentals, Acapellas, Different Language Versions, and Remixes for singles. I hope you all can enjoy the various versions of my mashups and hopefully cover them too!

“The DJ Is U (Dal★Shabet vs. Wonder Girls)” Music Video

DJ Yigytugd – K-Pop The Universe

K-Pop The Universe
Languages: Korean, English
Genre: K-Pop, Mashup, Remix
Releasing: October 8th 2011
Artist: Big Bang, 2NE1, Kara, Secret, Tae Yang, B1A4, Super Junior, Son Dam Bi, Yamapi, Narsha, Jay Park, 4Minute, DBSK (TVXQ / Tohoshinki) vs. Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Pitbull, Jason Derulo, Usher, Arvil Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Swedish House Mafia, Akon, and Jena Lee
Check out K-Pop The Universe by downloading the album for free! Be sure to check out new music videos for new songs every Friday or Saturday and view the bottom of this post to see individual single covers for each song! Watch Every Music Video from “K-Pop The Universe” on Youtube at ThisIsDjYigytugd. Remember to share this album with all your friends and favorite K-Pop sites via Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube! Thanks for the support and can’t wait for you all to listen to the album!
Tracklisting (click link to download file from MediaFire)
01 Tonight I’m On The Floor (Big Bang vs. Jennifer Lopez) (Watch MV)
02 Till You Go Away (2NE1 vs. Britney Spears)
03 Jumping On The Dance Floor (Kara vs. Pitbull)
04 Shy Solo (Secret vs. Jason Derulo)
05 I Need A Girl (Burn)(Tae Yang vs. Usher)
06 What The OK (B1A4 vs. Avril Lavigne)
07 Pump The Bonamana (Super Junior vs. Black Eyed Peas) (Watch MV)
08 Millionaire Queen (Son Dam Bi vs. Yamapi)
09 BBI Myself (Narsha vs. Christina Aguilera) (Watch MV)
10 Tonight We Save The World (Jay Park vs. Swedish House Mafia)
11 We’re Busy (2NE1 vs. 4Minute)
12 Beautiful Love (Big Bang vs. Akon)
13 Lose My Head Now (DBSK vs. Jena Lee) (Watch MV)

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Download Single Covers (HQ): #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, $13

Disclaimer: The media files posted here were created for my own experimentation and entertainment, not for profit in any way, shape or form. I am not the author or owner of the copyrights of the component tracks. If you enjoy these mashups, please support the artists by buying their original albums and singles. These mashups are also protected under the fair use doctrine of copyright law.

DJ Yigytugd – BBI Myself (Narsha vs. Christina Aguilera) Yigytugd – BBI Myself (Narsha vs. Christina Aguilera)
from K-Pop The Universe
Download: Mediafire

Download “K-Pop The Universe” (FULL ALBUM): Mediafire

Narsha = LOVE! Not much songs sound like “Bbi Ri Bba Bba” but Narsha does an amazing job singing in her first solo. Same for Christina Aguilera with her amazing song “Not Myself Tonight”! Love both songs and happy this mashup turned out well! So what do you all think of this mashup? Opinions feed my soul, lol!

Also check out the Club Remix Intro

DJ Yigytugd – LolliUp (Big Bang vs. Inna)

DJ Yigytugd – LolliUp (Big Bang vs. Inna)
from “K-Clubbing (Vol. 1)
Download: Official.FM

This is the last Music Video for K-Clubbing and I’m happy that its a great Big Bang track! The album has been doing great and I thank all those that helped with promotions for the album and downloaded it. Get excited for K-Clubbing (Vol. 2) and K-Pop The Universe which will be released this Summer. Again thank you all and hope you can enjoy the album and help spread it to fellow mashup, remix, and K-Pop lovers alike!

DJ Yigytugd – K-Clubbing
Languages: Korean, English
Genre: K-Pop, Mashup, Remix
Releasing: May 27, 2011
Artist: 2NE1, SNSD (Girls Generation), Rainbow, B2ST, Big Bang, SHINee, Navi, Clazziquai, Hwanhee, Brown Eyed Girls, U-Kiss, After School, GD&TOP, Park Bom, and Namie Amuro vs. Freemasons, Usher, Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Inna, Ke$ha, Nicole Scherzinger, and Britney Spears.

Check out K-Clubbing when the album launches on May 27, 2011. Be sure to listen to the album launch on YGLadies Secret Radio on May 27, 2011 at 8PM EST to hear every song from the album, previews for J-Clubbing and K-Clubbing (Vol. 2), and Q&A with DJ Yigytugd! Hope you all can listen to Secret Radio and have a great night! Thanks for the support and hope you all can continue to listen to my songs!

Watch Every Music Video from “K-Clubbing” on Youtube at ThisIsDjYigytugd!

Tracklisting (click link to download)(if any link is broken, please download the full album to get the track)
01 Can’t Believer (2NE1 vs. Freemasons) (Watch MV)
02 HOT A (SNSD vs. Rainbow) (Watch MV)
03 SHOCK Hangover (B2ST vs. Big Bang) (Watch MV)
04 More LUCIFER (SHINee vs. Usher) (Watch MV)
05 End Of Paparazzi (Navi vs. Lady GaGa)
06 ParaFlea (Clazziquai Project vs. Cheryl Cole)
07 Alejandro’s Heart (Hwanhee vs. Lady GaGa)
08 LolliUp (Big Bang vs. Inna) (Watch MV)
09 Round Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls vs. U-Kiss) (Watch MV)
10 Tik Bang Bang (After School vs. Ke$ha) (Watch MV)
11 Oh Yeah (Right There)(GD&TOP vs. Nicole Scherzinger)
12 Break Me Off (Namie Amuro vs. Britney Spears)

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