DJ Yigytugd 2011 Thanks & Review

The year is over but I want to look back on 2011. I’ve been DJing for 2 years but 2011 was the year that I evolved into the DJ I’ve always wanted to be. In my eyes, I know I still have a long way to go but I can’t wait to move even further and become a better DJ.

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DJ Yigytugd – Lose My Head Now (DBSK vs. Jena Lee)
DJ Yigytugd – Lose My Head Now (DBSK vs. Jena Lee)
from K-Pop The Universe
Download: Mediafire
Download “K-Pop The Universe” (FULL ALBUM): Mediafire

Jena Lee is my first French artist that I started listening too and her song “Je Me Perds” is amazing! She mixes R&B and Rock and it sounds great. Give her a listen if you can. DBSK’s song “Why? (Keep Your Head Down)” is good too. Make sure to get these 2 artist albums! Worth it!

DJ Yigytugd – K-Clubbing [Information]
Languages: Korean, English
Genre: K-Pop, Mashup, Remix
Releasing: May 27, 2011
Artist: 2NE1, SNSD (Girls Generation), Rainbow, B2ST, Big Bang, SHINee, Navi, Clazziquai, Hwanhee, Brown Eyed Girls, U-Kiss, After School, GD&TOP, Park Bom, and Namie Amuro vs. Freemasons, Usher, Lady Gaga, Cheryl Cole, Inna, Ke$ha, Nicole Scherzinger, and Britney Spears.

Check out K-Clubbing when the album launches on May 27, 2011. Be sure to listen to the album launch on YGLadies Secret Radio on May 27, 2011 at 8PM EST to hear every song from the album, previews for J-Clubbing and K-Clubbing (Vol. 2), and Q&A with DJ Yigytugd! Hope you all can listen to Secret Radio and have a great night! Thanks for the support and hope you all can continue to listen to my songs!

Watch Every Music Video from “K-Clubbing” on Youtube at ThisIsDjYigytugd, DjYigytugd, DjYigy, or Yigytugd!

01 Can’t Believer (2NE1 vs. Freemasons) (Watch MV)
02 HOT A (SNSD vs. Rainbow) (Watch MV)
03 SHOCK Hangover (B2ST vs. Big Bang) (Watch MV)
04 More LUCIFER (SHINee vs. Usher) (Watch MV)
05 End Of Paparazzi (Navi vs. Lady GaGa)
06 ParaFlea (Clazziquai Project vs. Cheryl Cole)
07 Alejandro’s Heart (Hwanhee vs. Lady GaGa)
08 LolliUp (Big Bang vs. Inna) (MV Coming May 27, 2011)
09 Round Abracadabra (Brown Eyed Girls vs. U-Kiss) (Watch MV)
10 Tik Bang Bang (After School vs. Ke$ha) (Watch MV)
11 Oh Yeah (Right There)(GD&TOP vs. Nicole Scherzinger)
12 Break Me Off (Namie Amuro vs. Britney Spears)

Download (FULL ALBUM): Coming May 27, 2011

Download “K-Clubbing Megamix”: Official.FM

K-Clubbing Megamix

DJ Yigytugd Temporary Site!

Welcome to DJ Yigytugd’s new, but temporary, site! Yigytugd.Wordpres.Com has been deleted and I am in the process of looking for a new site. In order to keep my fans updated on my songs, I created this temporary site. I want to make a new site that is more “official” so until than, this will be my main site. I will post all my new releases and have information (including download links) to all my previous work. Hope you guys can continue to support me and thanks for the current support! You guys are the best:)

Remember to change all Yigytugd tags to DJ Yigytugd! That will be my new official name.

If you want to help me create a new website, either with designing, coding, knowledge, or more, please contact me at with the Subject Line “Website Help; DJ Yigytugd”. Thanks to all willing to help.

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