DJ Yigytugd – The Best Are Here (2NE1 vs. Rihanna)
DJ Yigytugd – The Best Are Here (2NE1 vs. Rihanna)
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The first single off 2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)! Definitely wanted to aim for a club remix of “I Am The Best” and I think I did a pretty good job. I will be playing this song as well as the original when I DJ at clubs too so I hope everyone in the club can dance to it:) Thanks to everyone for their help with the album so far (you know who you are!) and I hope you all can continue to support my music. Here’s to 2NE1 Forever (Vol. 3)… hopefully:)
Mixed with:
2NE1 – I Am The Best
Rihanna – Where Have You Been (Hardwell Remix)
“The Best Are Here (2NE1 vs. Rihanna)” Music Video

DJ Yigytugd – 2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)

2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)

Artist: 2NE1, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, 4Minute, Nicki Minaj and Mike Shiver; With Remixes and Mashups by DJ Yigytugd, Areia, DJ Huygens, DXSturt, KZM, Drokas, DJ Amaya, Epitone, DOLCE & Bond and Dave Tauler Music Group
Languages: Korean, English, Japanese
Genre: K-Pop, Mashup, Remix
Released: July 20, 2012

“2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)” features remixes and mashups for all of 2NE1’s songs from their “To Anyone” album to before their “I Love You” single. “2NE1 Forever (Vol. 2)” is a collaboration album produced by DJ Yigytugd featuring remixes and mashups from Areia, DJ Huygens, DXSturt, KZM, Drokas, DJ Amaya, Epitone, DOLCE & Bond and Dave Tauler Music Group. Thanks to glitertesuper for making my music videos, J-Beom for making the album cover and all those that promoted the album. THANK YOU! Be sure to spread the word! Hopefully 2NE1 themselves can see the album and know they they have fans from all over the world that love their music!

01 The Best Are Here (2NE1 vs. Rihanna) – by DJ Yigytugd (Watch MV)
02 Can’t Nobody (Areia Club Remix) – by Areia (Watch MV)
03 Clap Your Hands (DJ Huygens Remix) – by DJ Huygens
04 You Animal (2NE1 vs. Ellie Goulding) – by DJ Yigytugd (Watch MV Coming August 3, 2012)
05 Go Away (DXSturt Remix) – by DXSturt (Watch MV)
06 We’re Busy (2NE1 vs. 4Minute) – by DJ Yigytugd
07 Ugly (Areia Reggaestep Remix) – by Areia (Watch MV)
08 Don’t Stop The Music (KZM Remix) – by KZM (Listen to Song)
09 I Love To Fly (2NE1 vs. Nicki Minaj) – by Drokas (Watch MV)
10 Lonely (Areia Trance Remix) – by Areia (Watch MV)
11 It Hurts (DJ Amaya’s Angel at Dawn Remix) – by DJ Amaya
12 Slackers Cry (Park Bom vs. Mike Shiver) – by DJ Yigytugd (Watch MV Coming August 10, 2012)
13 Can’t Nobody (Epitone English Remix) – by Epitone (Watch MV)
14 Scream (DOLCE & Bond Remix) – by DOLCE & Bond (Listen to Song)
15 Be Mine (Alternate Short Version) – by DJ Yigytugd
16 Lonely (DTMG Live Neo-Soul Cover Remix) – by Dave Tauler Music Group (Watch MV)

Note: “Like A Virgin” is not on this album. It will be on another album instead.

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This mashup / remix uses samples of copyrighted material (mainly Copyrighted by YG Entertainment Inc.) and they’re used for promotional purposes only. Not for sale in any way, shape, or form. Please support every artist in this megamix and buy their albums, singles, mini albums, etc. They work hard to produce these great songs, support towards them would be greatly appreciated.

2NE1 Forever
2NE1 Forever
Languages: Korean, English
Genre: K-Pop, Mashup, Remix
Releasing: September 3, 2010

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Tracklisting (click on song to download)(if any link is broken, please download the full album to get the track)
01 Try To Turn It Up (2NE1 vs. T.O.P.) (Watch MV) — by DJ Yigytugd
02 Fire (Mikie Heartcore Vandalism Mix) — by Mikie Heartcore
03 He Kiss, She Kiss (Dara & CL vs. Ashley Tisdale) (Watch MV) — by DJ Yigytugd
04 Please Don’t Go (Damarikomu Gold Radio Edit) — by Damarikomu & Mikie Heartcore
05 Let’s Love Forever (2NE1 vs. Miliyah Kato) — by DJ Yigytugd
06 Stay Together (Damarikomu Self-Taught Beat Mix) — by Damaroikomu
07 In The Club (KZM Remix) — by KZM
08 Take Care (2NE1 vs. Rihanna) (Watch MV) — by DJ Yigytugd
09 Without You And I (Park Bom vs. Lena Park) (Watch MV) — by DJ Yigytugd
10 One Timeless Care (2NE1 vs. Justin Bieber) (Watch MV) — by Drokas
11 Pretty Boy (Mikie Heartcore Club Mix) — by Mikie Heartcore
12 LolliGurls (Big Bang & 2NE1 vs. Katy Perry) (Watch MV) — by DJ Yigytugd
13 Fire (Extra Chorus Edit) — by DJ Yigytugd

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